In this guide, we will show you some useful tips on how to install a wireless backup camera on your car. Before following any of those steps, however, you need to consult the manual‘s guide of the device that you buy. Also remember to turn off the car, disconnect the batteries to make sure that you will not drill in any wires.

In general, the best backup camera is often located on the outside of the car. It is held in a fixed place by the screws on the top of the license plate. You will need to make a small hole in the trunk, behind the license by using a drill. After that, run the video cable from the backup camera to the car’s transmitter, which is often located in the trunk.

To provide the transmitter with energy, you will need to make use of the reverse light power cable of your car by stripping and attaching it to the transmitter’s power cable by using an electrician’s tape. By doing this, the camera and monitor would power on whenever you reverse your car. Read more about SOME USEFUL TIPS FOR INSTALLING A WIRELESS BACKUP CAMERA