What a multimeter can do?


There are many devices are using fuses from the automobile to the household items such as air conditioner system. The fuses are electrical conductors. This device is designed to fail whenever the current pre – determined threshold is present in a circuit. The purpose of this action is to protect the rest of circuit from destroying by a current load.

Sometimes, you can see an open fuse without any cover. Sometimes, it is covered by a label of “fuses”. Sometimes, it is inside a few applicants such as microwave and television without any notice about its presence. You can open one applicant and see a small cartridge fuse inside. The fuse is usually near the place where electrical string comes into the applicants. Sometimes, you may think that you have to buy a new microwave as the current one got problems frequently. But it turns out that the real problem belongs to the small fuse and it costs less than one dollar. Sometimes, more serious problems come from a new fuse to blow. However, the problem often comes from the old weak fuse because of the momentary electrical surges.

It is better if you have another available fuse at home in case you need to replace the old one. You should bring the old fuse to the store with you when you want to buy a new one so it can match each other. Fuse has a lot of models with various physical types and sizes. The important thing when you replace the fuse is the new one should be the same as the old one. Sometimes, you can buy fuses in the local supply store. Some other kinds of fuse like a small cartridge one, you can buy it only in specific store or online. The identify numbers of fuse are printed on the shiny metal part of end caps.

In cartridge fuse, it is quite hard to see the fine wire with unaided eyes as it is so fine. Some types of fuse have a solid shape of body and this shape will block vision. You should set the multimeter on CONT selector for continuity when starting to test the fuses. First, on this setting, you let the probes touch on the ends of good fuse. If it has a shrill tone, it means that the fuse has a continuous circuit. If there is no sound, it means that it is the bad fuse.

Warning: When you have to open the case of a microwave or a television, you should be careful not to touch any other components that are not the fuse holder. There are some parts retaining a high voltage of electrical charge. It is not easy to touch these parts but if you did, it can kill you. In some multimeter reviews, this device can be used not only for household items checking but also for automotive testing work.

Electrical outlets

When you need to replace or check the electrical outlets, you can use a multimeter to do this. You set the meter on 400 volts AC. Then, you put a probe on the hot slot and the other one on the neutral slot. At that moment, the meter reading should point at 120 volts. Alternatively, one probe touches the neutral slot and other probe touches the ground slot. At that moment, the meter reading should point at 0 volt. Before you remove the cover or begin to work, you should check the outlets with the voltmeter. You will want to make sure that the power is off.

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